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Last Online: 20/Sep/2014

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"Worship My Perfect n Sharp Nails "

Details of the individual Chathost who uses this webcam


  • Age: 27 yrs
  • Sex: Female
  • Ethnics: Mediterranean
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Body: Slim
  • Breast Size: S
  • Role: Dominant
  • Special: Long nails

Category: Fetish

Country: Ukraine

Optional Activities:
Dominatrix, Leather, Legs, feet & shoes, Outfits, Role playing, Slaves, Smoking, Fingernails, Fur, Gloves, Heels, Humiliation, Lipstick, Make up, Satin / Silk
'Listen here, moneyslave, you will pay me every last penny in your bank account. You will give it to me within the hour, now fuck off and get MY money!!!'
And yes little one, I will train you and humiliate you into becoming my helpless little teensy-dicked servant whose purpose is to guarantee I receive the maximum sexual pleasure from real men. So you see little one, having a tiny pee-pee and being a little wimp does not exclude you from my world. 
Those who still dont understand with whom they are talking....
Wanna be my slave....
On your knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What you can expect from my show
I am gorgeous, perfect, and flawless, and you are the most pathetic and disgusting thing I have ever seen. Your outfit is absolutely absurd...why the hell did you leave the house in sweatpants and flip flops? What kind of man wears THAT? And why do you smell sooooo bad? When is the last time you showered, loser? I will really kill off every last little ounce of self-esteem you might have had before you talked to ME. 
Why I am here
To tease the hell out of u, telling u that I know u wish u could sniff MY feet and put your cock between them, smell MY hair, kiss MY lips, lick MY soft skin all over but only REAL men get it. u are such a loser, u just have to sit and watch ME and dream